A Primer on Writing Marketing Copy


Not all content is created equal. There are many different types of writing that exist, and if you’re not a writer, per say, they may all blend together in your mind.

However, as a business owner, it’s important to realize that your marketing copy shouldn’t be created willy-nilly. Marketing content is not the same as creative or casual content—it has a distinct purpose and should be approached as such.

The following are a few tips that will help you when writing marketing copy:

Connect With (The Right) People

Knowing your audience is everything in marketing. If you don’t know your target market’s preferences, likes and dislikes, your copy will not perform to its full potential.Write-better-marketing-copy

Put it this way—if you’re targeting new moms, you shouldn’t be spouting off technical jargon or lecturing. You need a warm, understanding tone that comes across as emphatic. Your writing should convince those stressed mommas that you understand what they’re going through and give them confidence that they’re doing the best they can. That’s what’s going to build a meaningful connection between them and your brand. When you can pinpoint that sweet spot of tone and language, your marketing copy will thrive.

Get to the Point

In the area of Boston where I work, there are always volunteers on the street soliciting support for various charitable organizations. I stopped to chat with a man once, only to have him talk my ear off for 5 minutes without telling me (a.) what he was promoting or (b.) what he was asking for (it was money—surprise). I walked away without a better understanding of his organization, and I honestly felt like he had wasted my time.

Your marketing copy shouldn’t elicit this response. I don’t care if it’s a brochure, digital or print ad, educational blog post, Tweet, Facebook post or billboard—people shouldn’t get bored reading it. They shouldn’t walk away feeling confused or robbed of time.

Get to the point with your writing, and make the point painfully clear.

Get to the point with your writing. Make the point painfully clear. Cut out all the extraneous words and sentiments, and get your message across in a concise, pithy manner.

Make a Killer First Impression

Piggybacking off the last point, you should put extra effort into the lead of any marketing material. Don’t start by rambling about your company or your target market or the weather. Right off the bat, you should present a value proposition to your audience. Get them hooked from the first word.

How do you do that without fail? If I had the answer, I’d be a very, very rich lady. It’s different for every brand, so think about your audience and their needs. What’s going to resonate with them? What’s going to get them to take action? Lead with that.

Be Honest, Yet Confident

Last, and perhaps most important, don’t lie to your audience. Don’t exaggerate. It might seem like every company claims to be “The #1 Doer of Things,” but obviously that’s not true and today’s customers know it. Be honest about what makes your business special and worthy of your audience’s patronage.

At the same time, don’t be wishy washy with your claims. Get rid of words like “may” or “perhaps.” If your maternity clothing is going to surprise new moms, say “it will surprise you,” not “it may surprise you.” That one little word makes a world of difference because it conveys confidence. Be confident. You’ve got this!



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