The Importance of Posting Content Regularly


Consistency is key in many aspects of life, and content and social media marketing are no exception. If you want to see results from your content marketing strategy (and why else would you have one?), you simply have to post regularly—here’s why:

An Argument for Fresh Content

Imagine this: One of your friends on social media shares a link to an interesting article. You click through, read it and you’re impressed. You go to the site’s home page and read a couple more articles. You like what you see, so you bookmark the website and continue on with your day.

A few days later, you have some spare time on your hands, so you dig up that bookmark and navigate back to the site. Except there’s no new content. That’s ok, though, because you didn’t read everything last time you were there.

Potential readers will quickly lose interest in your site if you don’t give them fresh, relevant, quality articles to read.

A week later, you pull up the website again. But wait — still nothing new. Is the site defunct? At this point, it’s not providing you any value, so you leave the site and head over to another of your favorite sites. Maybe you’ll check back on the first site again, but maybe you won’t.

If you’re a brand, you may find yourself on the losing end of this situation if you don’t regularly add new content. Potential readers — often potential customers — will quickly lose interest in your site if you don’t give them fresh, relevant, quality articles to read. After all, they have plenty of other options when it comes to getting online content.

Google Likes Fresh Content, Too


Your readers aren’t the only ones that like new content to read. Google’s search algorithms like it, as well.

This article from Moz goes into the specifics, but the bottom line is that Google gives websites a “freshness score” that factors into your search engine ranking. If you don’t do it for your readers, at least do it for your SEO!

The Magic Formula for Content Consistency

Ok, so you need to post content regularly — what’s the definition of regularly, though? Once a day? Once a week? Unfortunately, there’s no “right” frequency for posting content. It all depends on your audience, the size of your business, your content strategy and your resources.

In general, I’d probably say that once a week is the minimum if you’re dedicated to driving traffic to your site. This way, your returning readers will always have something new to look forward to, and you’ll have plenty of fresh content to push out on your social media channels.

Industry experts recommend more frequent posts, though. For instance, Hubspot notes businesses that post 16 or more blog posts a month get 3.5 times as much traffic and 4.5 times as many leads as those that post less frequently.

image via Hubspot

However, the source’s statistics show that small businesses — those with between one and 10 employees — get more results than larger businesses when they post two to 10 blog posts a month. So again, the answer really depends on your business needs.

Hopefully this article convinced you of the merit of regular blog posts — it certainly reminded me that I need to get back on the article grind. Have a great weekend, everyone!




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