1. marywuva

    I sort of have to slightly disagree with you on your 4 tips

    Those are not 4 tips to use while you’re under a shadowban — but they are good tips at ANY time.

    Finding friends and making comments and reconnecting and checking out the people that like you are ALWAYS good practice.

    1. Camryn Rabideau

      Hey Mary, I totally agree with you! The point I was trying to make throughout this article is we get so caught up in trying to get popular fast we forget the “ol’ fashioned,” yet effective tactics that Instagram intended us to use. Thanks for reading!

  2. MaliaKeana

    Grat read – how long have you been banned this time? My account was really blocked last week, due to this big hack. And now my engagement dropped. I hope I am not shadowbanned, too, because it was never my fault…

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