There’s Someone Impersonating Me Online

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post.

If you’re a potential (or current) client, I want to inform you that I’ve received multiple reports of someone using my information—including my name, photo, social media accounts, this website, my resume, and my portfolio—to apply for jobs and work as a writer, even going so far as to send out email blasts looking for work under my name. According to companies that have come in contact with this person, he or she is very convincing, but will have trouble providing banking information and refuse to participate in video calls.

For these reasons, I urge you to do your due diligence if you are approached by someone claiming to be me.

Please be advised my only email addresses are and (the latter is my personal email and should NOT be used for PR communications). Any other email addresses are not associated with me. If you’re ever in doubt, I ask you to request a video call to confirm “my” identity—personally, I’m happy to do this with all prospective clients.

Finally, if you’ve come across this page because you’ve been contacted by this person, please let me know, as I’m doing everything possible to stop this imposter from tarnishing the brand I’ve worked so hard to build.