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6 Airbnb Writing Retreats I Can’t Stop Dreaming About

I’m a firm believer that travel can help spark creativity. Whenever I return from a trip to somewhere new, I always feel reinvigorated to write things that are out of my usual wheelhouse! Traveling just helps my brain get out of its “routine”—you know what I mean? That’s the whole reason I have the #ExploreToCreate category on my blog.

I’m always tempted to run off to a new, dreamy locale when I’m experiencing writer’s block or just feeling unmotivated for work, and while it’s not always realistic to take off on a moment’s notice, I do keep a list of “writing retreats” on my Airbnb account that I hope to visit one day. If you’re in desperate need of a getaway or just like browsing pretty homes, here are six of my favorite Airbnb listings that I think would make for a perfect escape.

A Unique, Off-the-Grid Desert Tiny Home

Stargazing Airbnb in Joshua Tree, California
Photo Credit: Airbnb

If you know me, you know I have a strange fascination with tiny houses. I’ve written about them pretty extensively, and I’ve actually threatened to drop everything and go on a country-wide tiny house tour. (Not realistic, but so tempting!)

As such, it should come as no surprise that I’m absolutely obsessed with this off-the-grid tiny house in Joshua Tree, California. It’s described as a “star-gazing cabin” and you can actually sleep in an open-air bed under the stars. SO. DREAMY.

An Icelandic Escape with Breathtaking Views

Modern Airbnb apartment in Iceland
Photo Credit: Airbnb

If I ever go here, I’m probably just going to sit on the deck the whole time, marveling at the beauty of nature. This modern apartment in northern Iceland is aggressively sleek and stylish, and the views take my breath away via photos, so I can’t even imagine how powerful they would be in person.

Plus, there are all sorts of activities to do nearby, whether it’s hiking, horseback riding, or dog sledding in the winter. Or, ya know, just sitting on the deck, having some quiet time and finally writing something.

A Magical, Secluded Treehouse

Treehouse Airbnb writer's retreat
Photo Credit: Airbnb

I grew up in the middle of nowhere, so I’ve always been quite enamored with the forest. There’s just something so calming about being alone with nature and pretending the hustle and bustle of the outside world doesn’t exist.

If that sounds like your ideal life situation, you’ll love this secluded treehouse in Atlanta. It’s one of the “most wished-for” Airbnbs in the world, and it’s easy to see why! The rustic look of the series of treehouses is quaint and magical, and—would you look at that—there’s even a little desk where you can get some writing done.

An Oceanfront “Cave” House in Santorini

Photo Credit: Airbnb

When you think of a cave, you probably picture a dark, damp, creepy space. Don’t worry, though—this “cave house” in Greece is nothing like that! While it was once a wine cellar, the oceanfront apartment is now light, bright and airy.

If you’re all about sunshine, this is the perfect little getaway. You’ve got a little outdoor space where you can marvel at the beautiful ocean views, and there’s even a little plunge pool to dip your toes in. I don’t know about you, but I could easily spend a few weeks in this amazing rental.

A Rustic Retreat in the Italian Countryside

Photo Credit: Airbnb

I first visited Italy when I was in high school, and while I was plagued with insomnia the whole trip (it wasn’t cute), one thing I remember vividly was driving through the stunning Italian countryside. It was just so beautiful and calm, and I remember thinking, “I have to come back here one day.”

Well, if I ever decide to return to this lovely country, I’m probably going to stay somewhere like this quaint hillside cottage. The views look fabulous, and the listing even says they’re happy to host artists! Sign me up.

A Romantic Jungle Treehouse in Hawaii

Photo Credit: Airbnb

🎶 In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the writer sleeps tonight! 🎶

If a warm-weather getaway sounds more your speed, I think this unique jungle treehouse in Hawaii would be ideal. Those big, beautiful windows will provide all the natural light you’ll ever need, and when you need a break from writing, you can go down below and just lounge on the hanging bed, contemplating your next great novel.

Unrelated, but it would also be a great spot to go on your honeymoon or for a little romantic retreat with your sweetheart.

Where’s your ideal artistic escape? The mountains, the beach, the woods or somewhere else entirely? Let me know in the comments!

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